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Bale Handling Clamps

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  • LCB Series - for capacities through 8,000 lb
  • NSQ Series for higher capacities
  • Clean, grease-free handling - no lubrication required
  • Thicker channel style arms for added strength & durability above 7,000 lbs
Bale Handling Clamps Specs Bale Handling Clamps Instalación y mantenimiento Long Reach got its start in 1934 by providing quality attachments to cotton growers in the southern states. Over the many years of servicing gins, compresses, mills and warehouses, we have developed bale handling attachments that set the industry standard. Today, Long Reach offers an assortment of styles and ranges to fit your exact requirements. Our thin arm design allows easier entry between stacks. Capacities range from 2500-20,000 lb @ 24" load center (1140-9090 kg @ 600 mm) and opening ranges up to 128" (3260 mm). Other features include:
  • Available in rotating and non-rotating models for added handling versatility, or combined with the upending feature
  • Thin arms provide slim profile for chiseling between bales
  • Compress Special models have arms centered vertically in the frame to prevent wear caused by contact with the floor
  • Rounded ribs are recessed in the middle to reduce possibility of creasing or tearing bale wrappers
  • Ribs significantly aid in tipping bales from vertical to horizontal and vice versa
  • "Repair-In-Place" serviceability (on models with capacities up to 5,000 pounds) means no-lube polymer wear strips can be replaced in just minutes
  • Grease-free handling eliminates grease smears on bales
  • Models available to handle up to 20 bales at a time
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