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Load Inverters

Load Inverters-image
  • LCS Series for capacities to 8,500 lb
  • NSQ Series for higher capacities
  • Clean, grease-free handling
  • Two or four forks per arm
Load Inverters Specs Load Inverters Instalación y mantenimiento A favorite in the food warehouse is the Long Reach load inverter, which combines the advantages of a 360º rotating clamp with a load stabilizer pad. Using forks or pad arms, the unit is ideal for rotating large or bulky loads and fits any standard lift truck. The attachment maximizes productivity by reducing labor associated with bin and tote box dumping, as well as manually inverting loads. It can also prevent inventory spoilage from sedimentation: products such as bottled food, juices, paint or fertilizers can be quickly and safely inverted. The Long Reach Load Inverter is also ideal for rapidly transferring loads to inexpensive pallets or slip-sheets for shipping. Capacities range from 3,500-8,000 lb @ 24" load center (1590-3640 kg @ 600 mm) with opening ranges up to 99" (2515 mm). Stationary power stand models (shown below) provide added stability and are available with fixed side stabilizer pad and platen set over forks. Side supports are available to support the side of the load while rotating. Repair-in-place serviceability means no-lube polymer strips can be replaced in just minutes.
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