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Pallet Fork Clamp

Pallet Fork Clamp-image
  • Weld-on forks for maximum strength
  • Clean, grease-free handling — no lubrication required
  • High net truck capacity
Pallet Fork Clamp Specs Pallet Fork Clamp LCS Instalación y mantenimiento Pallet Fork Clamp NSQ Instalación y mantenimiento Any operation that requires frequent fork adjustment or the handling of a variety of load widths (e.g. recycling and scrap metal yards to power plants) can benefit from a pallet fork clamp. Versatility is increased since the forks can be spread to handle wide loads (such as power poles) without increasing the carriage width. Long Reach's pallet fork clamp capacities range from 2500 lbs. to over 20,000 lb @ 24" load center (1140 to over 9072 kg @ 600 mm) with opening ranges of over 120" (3048 mm). Other advantages also include: All hoses, valves and fittings can be serviced from the front of the truck. "Repair-in-Place" serviceability means no-lube polymer wear strips can be replaced in just minutes. Available in non-sideshifting, sideshifting and rotating models.
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