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Long Reach Twin & Quad Pack Paper Clamps

Long Reach Twin & Quad Pack Paper Clamps-image
Handles up to four rolls at a time with ARPAD. The Quad Pack and Twin Pack clamps increase productivity in stevedoring and other applications by allowing the driver to carry multiple rolls (up to two rolls for the Twin Pack and four rolls for the Quad Pack). The paper roll clamps use the Long Reach exclusive ARPADesign (Automatic Roll Positioning Arm Design) to pick up rolls up to 51" (1295 mm) in diameter. ARPAD gently aligns rolls to the optimum clamping position without scuffing due to its unique arm configuration and the use of stainless steel pads to protect the rolls. For capacities 6,500 to 11,000 lbs (2500 kg to 5000 kg) Long Reach Twin Pack Paper Clamps Specs Long Reach Quad Pack Paper Clamps Specs Long Reach Twin & Quad Pack Instalación y mantenimiento Other features include:
  • Polyalign pads to position and hold rolls close to clamp, creating a more secure grip and decreasing lost load
  • Equal length arms feature extra large pads to provide secure grip on paper rolls
  • Perfect for heavy-duty applications
  • Clean, grease-free handling—durable polymer wear strips eliminate the need for lubrication, resulting in fewer maintenance requirements and no grease

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