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Long Reach Rotating Hold Down

Long Reach Rotating Hold Down-image
For handling open bottom loads or bins, the Long Reach Rotating Hold-Down is the ideal solution. Based on the CR Series rotator, these attachments also feature a top hydraulic stabilizer arms. These upper arms clamp down on the edges of the bin to safely secure in it place while dumping. Hold-downs are ideal for handling bins of produce such as apples or potatoes as well as loose parts or scrap. Note how the pads fall on the edges of the field box in the "apples" photo at right. Rotating hold-downs are also popular in the plastics industry for handling containers of raw material or plastic pellets. Other features include:
  • Slim-profile hold down platen securely grips bin to prevent load from shifting during rotation
  • Articulated hold down compensates for uneven boards and raises to true vertical position to allow for normal load handling
  • Heavy-duty cylinder construction uses high-pressure single lip seals for positive sealing and long cylinder life as well as chrome-plated cylinder rods to reduce wear and extend component life
  • Low-friction pivot bushings on hold down allow for smooth action

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